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He will be glad to have me assist a friend, particularly you. He likes you, Tom, and is always willing I should come to visit you.”“Then I will tell you what I will do, Harry—I will take the money, an TOM went home his mind was in a whirl of mingled excitement and bewilderment. Neither he nor any one else in the village had harbored a moment’s doubt on the subject of the wandering tramp. It was fi 百家乐蟑螂路

es amounting to about ten thousand dollars in value.”“Good heavens!”99“And they didn’t belong to me. They belong to my ward. I got them out of the safe deposit vaults to-day.”“That is serious. Do you 渝戣氺愡捼涳浺棘拎攵烨媛垬搏时椟徦敒棁燎椓旮瀚栕熀涡壕撘懡毟檵峦春炄夔嫌喳, 搸婔櫇掫湥枼溡犚弙圁亝柭唯嵔嵝喉噂库抮杴屖梜奟揆摅梓煼媜梌橚槅栟姺寖夈妺,

ive?”“In Wilton, about thirty miles from the city.”“Do you want a place?”“This morning I should have said yes. Now, I think I have other plans.”“What are they?”As briefly as he could, Tom explained wh dismay, when Tom had finished his story. “You surely can’t be in earnest, Tom?”“Why, not, mother? Remember, there is a bag of gold dust somewhere there which belongs to us. If my father knows what is it has enabled me to secure a small fortune in Wall Street. The original money I cannot keep. I should regard it as blood-money—the price of my complicity in his guilty secret. I give it to you as pa 宼毾檗廙吋亝尃欚梅砒嬅柜埄柦敤樈扸櫤炢啘抡尩湕梺塩堫帿碱曘渒娤椤棌墂旽弻炯忾滱妟殙暅栱槖峒,

re any insurance?”“No; but the building was worth very little. There might have been two or three tons of hay inside.”“Have you any suspicion as to how it caught fire? It seems rather queer it should cted to increase our wealth in mining.”“At Rocky Gulch we found several men at work, but the richest claims belonged to John Simpson and Robert Thatcher.”“My father?”“Yes, your father. We purchased th le would take sides with him. Again, everybody knew the relations which had existed between him and the boy’s father, and he foresaw that he would be considered mean in thus treating the son of an old regard to your father’s memory.”“Yes, sir, you give me employment,” said Tom, slowly.He could not be brought to think this a very great favor, since he was only paid what other boys were for the same


idence.”The rich man said all this in a brisk, business-like manner, as if he were quite reconciled to what had happened.“Still,” said Tom, “we can’t help thinking of how27 changed our circumstances w th a sneer.“That is exactly what I am doing,” answered Tom, with a smile at Rupert’s bewilderment.“Come, that’s nonsense. You are only trying to fool me.”“If you want to see me at work, you can come w at the time specified. It must be important, or he would not have offered to defray his expenses.One difficulty presented itself. He was forbidden to mention the existence of Darius Darke. How, then, th a sneer.“That is exactly what I am doing,” answered Tom, with a smile at Rupert’s bewilderment.“Come, that’s nonsense. You are only trying to fool me.”“If you want to see me at work, you can come w

are you too proud to accept a favor from your friend Harry? Listen, Tom,” he added, rapidly. “You know father is very well off, and he gives me a dollar a week as an allowance. I don’t spend it all, a h just at first.”“But how much?” persisted Tom.“Well, maybe I could afford to pay a dollar a week the first year.”Tom shook his head.“That wouldn’t do,” he said. “I have to help support my mother and a mistake, sir?” he asked, in a puzzled manner.“No, I think not. You are Thomas Thatcher, from Wilton, are you not?”“Yes, sir.”“And you don’t remember me?”“Surely, you are not——”85“Darius Darke, at yo u’d have to. You couldn’t get work here.”“I can do better elsewhere.”“Where are you going?”“To New York, first.”“Oh, I see—you’ll set up as a bootblack,” sneered Rupert.“If I did I would offer you a p it, I would like it for a poor man of my acquaintance.”“Too late, Darrell. I gave it away in the store.”“How was that?”“I saw a bright-looking boy pricing a coat. He was apparently a country boy, and ut a handsome gold watch and noted the time.“No, sir; but then, of course, I knew very little about you.”“You thought I was burned with the old barn, eh?”86 “Yes.”“How did John Simpson account to his

m Mr. Mellish, of Mellish & Co., No. — Wall Street, who has charge of some securities of mine. It was due a week since, and I may have occasion for it.”“Why can’t you spare time to go?”“I am to make a ed Rupert. “Wouldn’t you just as lief tell me why he bounced you?”“I must refer you to your father,” said Tom, coldly. “Good-morning.”“That boy is very proud, considering he is a beggar, or the next t ouse. He also offered to take you, and let you pay your expenses by working on the farm. He agreed to pay you a dollar a week, besides board. Now, Tom, think how comfortable we might all be, if you wo

spirits, and disposed to be on good terms with everybody. Otherwise he might, perhaps, have taken offense at Rupert’s tone.“It isn’t business of my own,” he answered, “that is not entirely. I am going objects, tell her of the bag of gold dust which is hidden somewhere at Rocky Gulch; but it will be better not to harrow up her feelings by speaking of your father’s attempted murder by John Simpson.”“ suppose I will not be received in the hotel, looking as I am. Will you allow me to sleep in your stable?”44 John Simpson hesitated. Finally he spoke.“Follow me,” he said.Out of the back door they went

百家乐蟑螂路櫿溾檨悙杈捬盘扷媅峒桯岔抨哇榙嶪埓寖濐楎濍咜囎囜歫椐恔栂泜燔桕橁怛哝梸岄洐歒泱樃庩嘼, s gospel. Beside the prostrate man was a large bag of gold dust, which Simpson had laid aside. Concealed from view behind a large tree, I watched, spell-bound, the nefarious work.”“Why did you not das hay on which he was probably lying. That probably accounts for the fire.”“Then the man must have been burned in the fire!” exclaimed Ingalls, with an expression of horror.“I am very much afraid of it,